About Magazine Hanok

Magazine Hanok

Magazine Hanok documents the architecture and culture that took place in Korea focusing on the spatiality and temporality of hanok. 

Through this documentation, it aims to discover the essential value of hanok and share its identity.

It introduces and explains a variety of topics reflecting Korean identity such as 

Korean traditional architecture, cultural heritage, artisans, spaces, art, crafts, and lifestyle. 

Conveying professional information and humanistic and philosophical consideration related to these topics, 

Magazine Hanok is the only magazine in Korea dedicated to traditional architecture.

Contents of Magazine Hanok

‹Aarahi›  ‘Heritage’

‘Heritage’ documents our tradition and cultural heritages looking at them with an everyday point of view. 

‘Aarahi’ is a pure Korean word meaning ‘far, far off (away).’ It expresses Korean identity that has formed images of Korea for a long time.

‹Ttangsinpok›  ‘Place’

‘Place’ conveys the history, changes, culture and people associated with a place with writing, photography and design. 

‘Ttangsinpok’ means ‘from one end to the other end of a land.’ Accordingly, this section intends to explore a place from one end to the other end.

‹Heoemaenggalda›  ‘Architecture’

‘Architecture’ covers traditional and modern architecture of Korea. 

‘Heoemaenggalda’ is an old Korean word meaning 'to make with consideration.'

 Accordingly, this section deals with architectural spaces of Korea that are built with deep consideration for the environment 

and influence where they are located and the people who will be living there.

‹Topabogi›  ‘Search for’

‘Search for’ contains stories that ponder about tradition, architecture and history to determine their truth.

The word ‘topabogi’ originated from the practice of finding the rough tip of hemp and scraping it with a saw (‘top’ in Korean) to make it smooth. 

Thus, the word means to search through thoroughly.

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